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7 Stress Free Vacation Travel Tips

by Christina G. Stevenson | March 14th, 2018

Let’s be real for a min; the act of travel has become stressful in the past recent years. We go on vacay to get away from the pressures at work and home and yet the overcrowded, overbooked airport terminal or being stuffed in the family car for hours nagging at each other is arguably the most stressful part of vacation travel.

Lucky for you, Embrasse-moi has your guide for this year’s vacation travel. ‘Cause let’s face it: Whether you’re headed to la playa, or just road tripping to visit your sister and her kids for a long weekend, the point of going is to re-charge and take a break from life so you can come back refreshed and ready to conquer the world.

Jobs fill your pocket—adventures fill your soul. And what’s a better way to start your adventure than with a stress free ride or flight? So, kick back, relax and enjoy our 7 easy travel tips for the Ultimate Vacay Travel 2018 (this one’s for the books).

Seven Awesome Tips for Vacation Travel:


Check List

You gotta have that check list. You just gotta. Make sure you talk out loud and literally check everything off one by one—from your toothbrush to your passport—check it all. Once you’ve created it, the list can be reused for future travel, simplifying your next getaways. We don’t want you to pull a Home Alone scene. Check to make sure you have every child, too.


Travel Clothes

The day of travel, don’t wear anything constricting or stiff—except for socks, I guess. You wanna dress yourself in clothes that are loose but make you feel put together. Try a few pieces from Embrasse-moi’s loungewear collection or travel in flowing resort wear to look like a smart fashionista. We love a colorful maxi dress paired with a denim jacket to set the tropical mood or comfy joggers paired with an easy top and scarf that doubles as a beach pareo! Furthermore, a great tip is to layer up just in case you are traveling with someone who is blasting the cold air. Driver/passenger temperature wars are sure to cause tension and airplane cabins are always too hot or too cold so you need to be prepared.


Get a paper map

Get the child(ren) involved right away so they feel included (this will make your trip with them easier). Get a highlighter and paper map of where you are going and show the kid(s) what life is like without GPS. The kids will learn some geography, be entertained and you’ll have a backup if GPS goes out.


Essential Oils

There are many tricks people use to calm themselves during travel. One of them is rolling essential oils on your temples and/or neck. This is a great alternative from medication for people who have headaches, anxiety and travel driven stress in general. A lemon scent is great for morning travel (lemon wakes up the senses and helps with headaches). If you are stressed out and need to take a deep breath, try a whiff of lavender or peppermint essential oil. Picture it now – you’re calm and the fam is blissfully zenned out – and the mother of the year award goes to…


Snacks galore

Carry snacks that won’t make a mess. We all know that Goldfish crackers and Cheerios are great traveling foods for little ones – but what about for grown ups? Take some time to pack smart snacks for you - whole apples and baby carrots are easy, as are gourmet snack mixes, protein packed beef jerkey, and satisfying cheese and crackers. Avoiding hangry = happy family, plus you save time and money avoiding convenience store junk food or that awful airport stuff. Don’t forget to be mindful of other people’s allergies if you are on a flight or not traveling by car.


Bring a blanket and stuffed animals and/or pillow for when the kids start to nod off

Stuffed animals and pillows can help prop little heads and prevent nap-interrupting nodding. Some families find those u-shaped travel pillows helpful. If you’re like us, you cringe at the thought of germ ridden airplane blankets, so make sure you bring a travel blanket or soft toy that your child(ren) loves. Also, bring a change of clothes at the ready. Your 8 year old drenching themselves with a full ice cold drink will literally destroy the rest of the ride/flight… for you and for everyone else.


Let Go — you deserve a break, too

Sometimes, you just gotta let go, too. The kids need a break from hearing you nag at them, and honestly, you need a break, too. It’s a lot of energy and a lot of work to be the mom, boss, maid, driver and life coach 24/7. Those rules about no candy before dinner and 7:00 bedtime? Let that go. Enjoy that cerveza on the beach or just unwind with your family—you deserve it! Just make sure you explain that the rules are a little different because its vacay, but once home, its back to reality.

With these travel tips, we’re sure you’ll arrive in a better mood, less stressed, and totally at ease. Remember - the simpler, the better with travel. Allow yourself to completely relax, and that family vacation is sure to feel more like a treat than a trip!