The Ultimate Way To Show Off Your Lingerie

Now THAT'S Innerwear-as-Outerwear.

Now THAT'S Innerwear-as-Outerwear.

If you love your lingerie as much as we do, you’re always looking for subtle ways to show it off.

And what is more clever, mes amies, than wearing your waist cincher as a belt?

The trick is to look for a thick cincher with detachable garters (most of Aubade’s styles have this feature, like the cincher from the Romance A Kyoto collection, pictured above. You can also find less expensive versions like Jezebel’s Elektra cincher, $24). Simply remove the garters and pair with an appropriate skirt and top, or wear as a cummerbund with a sharp-looking blazer.

Et voila, the perfect way to wear your lingerie on the outside to create an exotic (if a bit seductive) look!

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