Sport the Right Bra

Summer is a great time to get active. Not only do we need to maintain our bikini-bod but the weather is so wonderful why not spend it having fun and working out? Go for a breezy jog around the reservoir or a serene bike ride along the canal. And if you really are looking for a sporting good time why not hit the courts for a riveting tennis match, or drop by the beach for a compelling game of volleyball? No matter what activity you choose to spend your summer weekends engaging in, you have to make sure you are well equipped and comfortable enough for a long day of fun! And number one on our list is what sports bra you are wearing! Here at Embrasse-moi we offer a variety of active bras that will keep your “girls” cool, comfortable, and supported. With a double layer of support and the latest in moisture wicking fabrics offered by the Anita Momentum Sports Bra, you will feel dry and cool during your work outs. Each sports bra we carry also is made for your individual bra size. No small to large generic fits. These bras are customized with the correct band and cup-size measurements to create  the most supportive, perfect fit, ever! The Freya Active is especially designed for cup sizes ranging from D and up, while the Anita Momentum Underwire Sports Bra offers additional shaping and support with a comfortable flex wire up to an “H” Cup. Whether you prefer a non-underwire bra with no seaming for a smooth finish or one with added support, like the Anita Active Extreme Control, all of our active bras are suitable for any high impact action. So prevent any unneeded “bounce,” while enjoying this summer weather with style, comfort, and sporting fun! See paintball gun reviews

Clockwise from top:

Anita Momentum Sports Bra (with underwire) $89.00

Anita Momentum Sports Bra (without underwire) $79.00

Anita Active Extreme Control in white $69.00

Freya Active Sports Bra $77.00

Anita Active Extreme Control in black $69.00

Anita Active Extreme Control in hot pink/white $69.00


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