Is The Thong Really Dead?

This month, the lingerie cyberworld is all abuzz– the February issue of Cosmopolitan has declared the thong dead and named the boyshort it’s successor. While the news has been met with mixed emotion, at Embrasse-Moi, we can’t help but feel there will always be a place in the world (and the modern woman’s wardrobe) for thongs.

Lingerie as outerwear has been gaining momentum as a trend since it was introduced by designers en-masse a few seasons ago. This concept often means entire outfits made out of slinky, satiny, lacy fabrics that leave little room for undergarment error. Is there a safer bet under a delicate and beautiful (but unforgiving) dress than a basic microfiber thong? Even a seamless, laser-cut boyshort can flip up or roll along the edges, creating problems where it promised to be the solution. No one on our staff can live without their Cosabella Never Say Never stretch lace thongs or Felina’s basic microfiber style. They’re even great under workout gear at the gym.

Cosabella's fabulous stretch lace thongs

We have just one word for those who call thongs unflattering: Aubade. And any lingerie lover can appreciate the look of a thong paired with a waist cincher or garter belt– a fuller coverage style would simply be overkill with these pieces.

Aubade's "Ecrin Sensuel" cincher is perfect with the matching thong

We’re just saying, don’t count the thong out yet: it’s a style that has far too many practical uses, even if everyone’s starting to jump on the boyshort bandwagon.

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