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Cleaning Tips For Your Garments

Krikies you got a spot, a smear, a stain, a smell on your brand new shiny precious. OK here is what to do:

1) Panic. Cry. Scream bloody murder. This won’t help, but we know you will do it so we put it on your list of things to do.

2) Generally if you want to ruin your garment wash it in hot water and put it in the dryer. Again, do this if you want it ruined. Why? Most fabrics are sensitive to heat. Elastic, & moulded cups are very susceptible. Cotton shrinks. OK so just say no to heat, unless you know what you are doing, or if the stain is mustard. If it is mustard treat it with hot water. Cold water will set the mustard (yellow dye + vinegar) thus “mastarding” your garment.

3) Dry clean only? A good way to ruin the garment. Ask yourself if you can just spot clean it with a like color fabric, iron it, lint roll it. Many manufacturers will put DRY CLEAN ONLY on a garment to get out of liability. While you probably should abide by these rules, personally we have more things ruined by dry cleaners than we have ruined ourselves.

4) Lingerie/Hosiery: Hand wash, however use EUCALAN. Why? Eucalan is a no-rinse enzyme, meaning you don’t rinse it. So it is more like fondue than laundry. Line dry. No exceptions.

5) Silks without intricate pleating details hand wash with EUCALAN. With pleating details dry clean. Spot clean using rubbing alcohol and a hair dryer to avoid the wash ring.

6) Oil stains, like your lipstick, bronzer: use corn starch to lift the stain, shake it out, blot with a wet towel of the same color with a highly diluted mild detergent.

7) Pen marks: Hairspray. Then make your hair big.

8) Cashmere: Hand wash cold, dry flat.

Other Tips For Your Garments


High quality fabrics will last longer. Independant stores typically purchase high quality garments from manufacturers. Larger stores, department stores, etc, will often have the garment re-engineered to cost less allowing the store to charge a higher markup. This is often the reason why chain store clothing usually only lasts for a few washes.