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Embrasse-moi + AJ WALK PHOTO

Recap: Boudoir and Bubbles | February 11, 2018

On Saturday, February 10th, Embrasse-moi hosted AJ WALK PHOTO for an event like no other! During the two hour live boudoir photo session, Embrasse-moi's own Ruby LaManna posed as the subject. Sensual and sophisticated. Sexy and subtle. The results were absolutely stunning!

Want to take a peek?

When asked after the session how she felt, LaManna remarked, "Working with Amy was such an empowering and fun experience. I was so nervous to begin, but as soon as we got started I began to feel more confindent. I am elated with how beautiful and fierce the Boudoir shoot made me feel - I have a newfound love for myself!"

Is boudoir photography for you? Contact Amy, of AJ WALK PHOTO, at 315-591-0219 or email amy@ajwalkphotography.com. Find out more at ajwalkphotography.com