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Easy, Resort Ready Hair Styles

by Christina G. Stevenson | February 24, 2018

Embrasse-Moi is all about self-love and self care. Our motto is: treat yourself first. Love yourself first. You deserve to feel and to look fabulous. However, the last thing you want to do is spend your well-deserved vacation time slaving over a blow dryer and straightener only to "frizz up" in tropical heat and humidity! That’s why we’ve created a quick and easy outline of what to expect (and what to ask your hair stylist) for simple (and gorgeous) vacay ready styles.

Prepare to see styles from long, sleek locks with a middle part come-back, to “wash and go” styles ranging from pixies to lobs (because we love them!). Plus bangs, bangs, bangs - fringe is in! Messy hair is better! Moving away from bright neons and golden blondes, be on the lookout for icy platinums, rich browns and more natural-looking colors with dimension and hints of highlights.

Platinum & Pixies
Let’s kick it off with the short and bold hairstyles that just say "confident woman". The pixie cut is the chicest style of the year; even more so when strutting around with bold, platinum color. The bleach obsession is here to stay—just make sure you go to a salon and not the box!

Want a pixie but not as short? Try a long or Volumized Pixie. It’s great for wavy and/or curly hair, and a great hairstyle if you are looking for texture (see also: fabulous beach waves). Try parting your hair to the side with some long bangs to accent your jaw and cheek lines. For dimension, ask your hairstylist about color and highlights.

No-Fuss & Chin-Grazing Bob
Bobs and lobs are in and they are here to stay! Try a No-Fuss Bob with a deep, side part. This minimalist style is the perfect example of “wash and go” while still looking classy.

If you have thicker hair and need layers, try a Chin-Grazing Bob or Lob for a fresh and modern look while showing of your hair’s natural texture.

Try a below-the-ears- Ombré technique! This easy to wear (and maintain) trend gradually blends hair color to lighter strands at the ends by your cheek and chins to create a soft, gentle look. The light strands peeking out add a kiss of sun! Translation: Fewer trips to your colorist as your darker, natural color grows out = more $$ for your vacation! We're definitely in!

Locks of Length
This long, relaxed hairstyle looks great with a comeback middle part from the ‘70s. Add some product for a tousled, yet put together bohemian look. For an Old Hollywood air, part your hair in a deep side with some pins and barrettes.

Get exciting with color. Choses a beautiful hue that incorporates shifts from blonde to requests of red, copper and auburn colored hair.

Cayenne Spice Red shade is a perfect example of a great transition color if you are not quite ready to go full-blow-out red.

You bombshell, you.

New Shag/Blunt
Not only is this hair style a cool cross between no-fuss and long bob (we call it New Shag or Blunt haircut), it also looks fabulous in the trending Rusty Copper hair color. Easy breezy pool side, this look adds more dimensions and highlights your cheeks.

Brunettes Taking Over
As blondes are embracing their shades of platinum and icy hues, so are brunettes with their warm, rich tones of reds and rich chocolates. Upgrade your natural brown hair color into a more dimensional shade. For brunettes this season, its all about rich chocolate to warm amber hues.

Be bold by parting your hair in the middle for the latest beach bound hair styling trend that will make you look confident — which is beautiful!

Remember to protect your new color in the sun. Floppy straw hats, ball caps, or event visors are totally on trend and will prevent your strands from fading or dulling on your vacation.

Beach 2018: Fringe Forecast
Shaggy bangs are in full force due to their low maintenance and versatile styling options. From long locks to pixie cuts, bangs can still be included in your new hairdo.

We know what you’re thinking. Bangs are not low maintenance (ex: terrible teased and curled monsters meticulously primped and frozen with hairspray)...we woud agree! But this year, with the introduction of the fringe curtain bang, this wispy, care- free look is in! Which is great news if you struggle to get your bangs jusssst right - because you don’t need to this time!

Parted down the middle, swept to the side, or casually arranged in front, the curtain bang is a versatile tool to easily switch up your look.

Just make sure you go get your bangs trimmed every 3 to 6 weeks to keep them nice and fresh to make it a stress-less affair.

Wear your hair down, up in a messy bun, or incorporate some beach waves. Any way you style, the bangs look great - a trend that is here to stay!

Vacation is a time to relax and unwind - not to mention practicing some self care. On your next getaway streamline your hair routine, embrace your natural texture, and feel fabulous with a low maintenance yet on trend style!

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